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Strategy for boosting the economic activity in ground-floor premises of Barcelona

What is 'Amunt Persianes'?

‘Amunt persianes’ is the strategy for boosting ground-floor premises promoted by Barcelona City Council to reduce the number of empty premises in the city and foster their sustainable occupation. 

The ground-floor premises are a strategic asset for the city and ‘Amunt persianes’ aims to diversify their uses and ensure the balance of activities in the different districts, through collaboration between public, private and social stakeholders.

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Why activate
the empty premises?

Barcelona is a city filled with shops and services at street level. In recent years the number of empty ground-floor premises has grown and the pandemic has aggravated this phenomenon. 

It is estimated that there are currently around 5,300 empty premises in Barcelona, equivalent to 1.5 million m² of activable space. The revitalisation of ground-floor premises is not only aimed at occupying empty premises, but also at keeping the premises active in order to consolidate their activity.  

Read the full text of the Government Measure.

An economic
recovery strategy

 ‘Amunt persianes’ is an urgent and conjunctural measure to reactivate economic activity and employment, but at the same time a long-term strategy. It forms part of the axes of the 2021-2023 Action Plan for the recovery and relaunching of Barcelona. And it should contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda in the city.

‘Amunt persianes’ includes three levels of intervention: Empty ground-floor premises (unoccupied premises, without any activity), active premises (occupied premises with activity) and potential premises (which could be occupied with new uses).

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Through this strategy, 8 possible uses of the ground floor premises have been identified that combine economic, social and urban functions:

Local retail

  • Daily food / non-food
  • Seasonal

Activities of proximity services

  • Aesthetics and beauty
  • Consultation (medical, professional...)
  • Offices for service sales (travel...)
  • Workshops
  • Sports centres

Entrepreneurship and creativity

  • Entrepreneurial activity
  • Culture and creative industries
  • Cultural and creative centres and workshops
  • Musical rehearsal spaces

Education, training and research

  • Universities and other training centres
  • Trade/professional schools
  • Professional laboratories
  • Schools and academies

Tertiary work centres

  • Offices
  • Coworking spaces

Social and care facilities

  • Care economy
  • Children/Play activities
  • Care centres
  • Socio-educational facilities

Logistics and business services

  • Warehouses and storage
  • Urban micro-distribution of goods points
  • Collection points and digital drop-off points
  • Maintenance and business support activities

Social and Solidarity Economy

  • Transversal to the rest of uses


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Impulsem el que fas 2021

Subsidies of up to 50 thousand Euros to economic projects that want to be installed in empty premises. These grants, are  awarded on a competitive basis as part of the 'Impulsem el que fas' call.  It is a non-refundable financing instrument for people, companies or organisations that have a business project and need premises to carry it out.

The projects should contribute to the socio-economic development of the surrounding area in which they will be located and should be part of one of these three goals: to maintain or grow an existing business activity, to move an economic activity from the first floor to the ground floor,  or promote a start-up initiative.

The subsidies, to be implemented over 12 months, include the possibility of covering the costs of rehabilitation of the premises (minor works), acquisition of machinery or other equipment and purchase of stocks, up to a value of 50% of the total cost of the project (31,250 Euros)

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If you have premises, we can buy them!

The City Council will acquire between 30 and 60 empty Ground-floor Premises in the city in order to make them available for economic projects of people, companies or entities.

The acquisition of the premises will be done through a public procurement procedure on a competitive basis of the offers presented by owners who want to participate.

The procurement procedure, which will be launched in April-May 2021, will include various criteria for evaluating the offers, such as the price offered, the state of conservation of the premises, the linear metres of the façade or its location (a higher score will be given to establishments located in areas most affected by the contraction of commercial activity and/or the phenomenon of empty premises).

The installation in these premises will take place from 2022 onwards and will have two forms: stable occupation and temporary occupation.


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