Barcelona Activa, socially responsible

Barcelona Activa’s Social Responsibility policy focuses on integrating economic, ethical, social and environmental management within the organisation, prioritising dialogue with stakeholders to create long-term shared value.

One of its highlights is the commitment to reducing inequality through the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. It also incorporates an Action Plan that revolves around five strategic axes to guarantee our commitment to Barcelona and its citizens.

Barcelona Activa’s Social Responsibility follows the comparability and materiality criteria established by the GRI standards (Global Reporting Initiative) and the provisions of Law 18/2018 on non-financial information and diversity.

Awards and recognition

Barcelona Activa has received various awards for its Corporate Social Responsibility. Several of its initiatives have been adopted as good practices for organisations dedicated to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Roger Kaufman Award, in recognition of innovative local development policies. 
  • Honorary Mention at the tenth Co-Responsibility Awards in Social Responsibility: Gender Equality and Diversity (SDG 5)
  • Special honorary mention from the Alares Foundation for good diversity management and social and labour inclusion, within the framework of the Fourth International Awards for Managing Human Diversity and Labour Inclusiveness in Business.
  • Second place at the Lifelong Learning Platform’s Lifelong Learning Awards.
  • Award from Barcelona’s Official College of Nurses’ Centre for Nursing Development and Innovation. 

Selected actions 

  • Defence of Employment Rights information point (SDG 8) 
  • Activa’t Fent Salut (Get Active Being Healthy) Programme (SDG 3) 
  • Training and awareness for Gender Equality (SDG 5) 
  • New waste management policy (SDG 11) 
  • Plan for the internal management of sexual and gender diversity of Barcelona Activa 2023-2026: training actions (SDG 5 and SDG 10)

Initiatives selected as good practice by the Spanish Global Compact Network (UN), within the framework of the "Impact actions to combat the effects of COVID-19” campaign 

  • Digitisation of advisory and training services (SDG 8 and SDG 10) 
  • Leadership of a local face mask production project (SDG 8 and SDG 10) 
  • Trade Schools Project (SDG 8 and SDG 10)

Strategic axes

The strategic axes that drive Barcelona Activa’s Corporate Social Responsibility respond to our mission of improving the quality of life of citizens and jointly achieving objectives with their stakeholders.​​​​​
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Good governance

We are committed to the ethical and transparent management of our organisation. We observe our own values, rules, and good practices, to guarantee the efficiency, quality, and usefulness of our services for the citizens of Barcelona. Our data on CSR indicators is published in our Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report as per Law 11/2018.
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We strive to fulfil and optimise the internal values of our organisation in matters of equality, conciliation, time management, health, occupational safety and training by fostering a quality work environment to safeguard the motivation and well-being of our staff and retain talent.
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Our commitments include guaranteeing the quality of the services provided, ensuring the satisfaction of service beneficiaries, the local area, and the positive social impact of the activities we carry out, as well as protecting vulnerable groups and facilitating access to municipal services and quality employment. We are also committed to impact assessment, transparency, and dialogue with stakeholders to ensure our services are of optimal quality and tailored to the needs of the people who use them.
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Value chain

We are committed to managing the supply chain, from suppliers to beneficiaries, taking responsibility for hiring socially responsible, environmentally aware companies with inclusive policies.
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We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our organisation’s activities by monitoring and communicating our annual environmental indicators. Raising awareness and internally and externally promoting socially responsible practices to combat the climate emergency is another of our commitments.

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We are part of:

Since 2018, Barcelona Activa has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative and its principles on human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.