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Barcelona Activa is Barcelona’s local economic development agency    

As a local development agency, our vision is to make Barcelona a city of international reference for employment, enterprise, and living by social and environmental principles.

Our mission is to improve quality of life by promoting the economic competitiveness of the city and re-establishing an equilibrium between the districts of Barcelona. We seek to achieve this by fostering quality employment, encouraging entrepreneurship, and supporting a diverse and plural business fabric that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

In order to meet these challenges, as a key agent of the city’s economic ecosystem, we focus on three strategic objectives: 

  • Activating the economy at a neighbourhood level, creating new services and enhancing existing ones.
  • Promoting Barcelona’s strategic business sectors, such as the creative industries and ICT, to encourage the creation of quality jobs.
  • Integrating the Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our actions.

BCN Green Deal

We do all this within the framework of the Barcelona Green Deal economic agenda, the new municipal strategy for reviving the city’s economy by prioritising the retention and training of talent, facilitating economic activity and attracting an increased quantity and quality of investments.



Our values

  • Equal opportunities and social progress

    We believe in developing a fair model of job creation and maintenance that empowers citizens, incorporates the gender and diversity perspective, and is evenly distributed across the Barcelona districts.

  • Cooperation within the organisation and with others

    We encourage collaborative, transversal, and participatory forms of teamwork that improve the well-being of employees and citizens, as well as helping to develop their skills and expertise.

  • Economy at the service of all: Social and sustainable

    We want to make the local economy work for everyone. We promote a model of the social and solidarity-based economy, where collective entrepreneurship and social innovation lead to a more just pattern of economic development, at the service of all citizens.

  • Spirit of public service and professional and personal ethics

    Good practice, transparency, civic virtue, and professional and personal ethics are the basis for good, citizen-oriented governance, as well as public services with improved coordination of the public, private, and community ecosystem.

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