Learn to program in 12 weeks and find a job in the ICT sector

What is the
IT Academy?

With IT Academy you can learn to program in just 12 weeks thanks to its innovative and personalised method of self-learning.

The training, onsite and online, adapts to your pace of work and your availability, including an expert mentoring service that accompanies you throughout the process and allows you to participate in real project simulation teams. This training model has received the recognition from the Local Development Forum of the OECD. 

Once you have finished the training, and you have acquired the necessary knowledge, Barcelona Activa will provide you with the tools and support for your job search.

76% of the students have found work in the ICT sector and with an average salary higher than in other sectors



The professional profile of front-end developer is occupied by the person in charge of mostly building the visible part of a website. It focuses on design, structure, colours, animations, effects, etc. 


The position of back-end developer is occupied by the person in charge of programming the part of the website that is not visible to the user. That is to say, it focuses on all the functions offered by the website and the databases that are linked to it. 

Data Science

Data Science is the science that is responsible for extracting information from large amounts of data with the aim of making decisions. Data Science combines statistics, maths, and computer science to interpret data.

Presentation of IT Academy in 1 minute

Meeting with companies in a Job Marketplace


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Raquel Alvear

"I have gone from teacher to Business Intelligence programmer thanks to the support of coordinators, teachers and all my colleagues."
Begoña Fernández

"After a lifetime dedicated to the world of architecture and design, I got to know the ICT sector. With the help of the IT Academy I have learned to develop and make a place for myself in this field."
Xavier Roldán

"I had lost my job and thought about reconverting. Thanks to IT Academy I gained some knowledge that has allowed me to re-enter the labour market."
Esperanza León

"At IT Academy they not only provide you with the technical means to train you but also support you, motivating you to not give up. The human factor has more value than the technological."