For a socially responsible public procurement

The Advisory Service in Social Clauses of Barcelona Activa aims to promote the Social Clauses related to the 'Hiring of unemployed people with special labour market insertion difficulties or social exclusion', the 'Subcontracting of social economy companies' as well as Social Reserve.

What does Barcelona Activa do?

  1. Advises the promoter units of Barcelona City Council and the dependent entities on the suitability of including these Social Clauses and the opportunity to reserve contracts or lots to certain entities according to the offer of existing goods and services in the field.
  2. Accompanies the adjudicated companies in the fulfilment of the Clauses.
  • It provides guidance for the correct application of the social measures in the contract's execution phase.
  • It offers support in the definition of the professional profiles, pre-selects unemployed people with special labour market insertion difficulties and monitors their integration within the company.
  • It facilitates the search for social economy companies according to the sector that it intends to outsource.
          3. It tracks the contracting processes in which it has intervened, analyses the impact and collects possible incidents.
          4. It coordinates with the different municipal programmes and the entities of the city.

Training activities on tendering, public procurement and SSE

​​​​​​Are you a Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) organisation or company and would like to apply for a public tender? Understanding the procedure of public procurement and the bases is important. Thay's why Barcelona Activa has the Social Clauses Advisory Service.
We also offer different virtual trainings to provide a better understanding of public tenders and, therefore, facilitate the process. More especifically, we would like to highlight the 5-trainings path with crucial courses on the matter, which we recommend to follow. Currently, we have the following activities available:

Training path:
05 and 6/046 - How do tenders work for ESS companies and organizations?
12 and 13/06 - Economic aspects in contracting procedures
01/07 - Social measures. Automatic criteria and special execution measures for SSE organizations and companies
27/06 - Technical and economic solvency. How and when to make a UTE and solvency through external means
26/06 - How to process the electronic registration of bidding companies (RELI) by ESS companies and organizations

For more information:
Social economy companies' Directory:


Public procurement: 
Public procurement is a powerful economic policy tool that:

  • Generates thousands of jobs
  • Involves a large number of employment contracts
  • Contributes millions of euros to the city's economy
Decree on sustainable public procurement

Barcelona City Council promotes, with the Decree of April 24, 2017, a socially responsible public procurement that incorporates social justice objectives and promotes the social and labour rights of the people hired.

The Social Clauses, as well as the Social Reserve, act as a mechanism for the City Council to strengthen social policies, create employment opportunities for people with particular difficulties and strengthen and promote the social economy in the city.