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null The Deep Tech Summit comes to a close full of innovation

L’ecosistema emprenedor i tecnològic de Barcelona ha reunit més de 1.300 visitants al Palau de Congressos

The Deep Tech Summit comes to a close full of innovation

Barcelona's entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem brought together more than 1,300 visitors in the Palau de Congressos

Barcelona, 01 Dec 2023

The Barcelona Deep Tech Summit brought the second edition to a close, highlighting the vitality of the city's innovative and technological sector. The congress of the deep tech sector welcomed more than 1,300 people to the Palau de Congressos and around fifty start-ups. A meeting in which disruptive solutions to global challenges such as the energy transition, connectivity, industrial technology and also health tech were proposed. 

The congress brought together projects from areas such as biomedicine, clean energy, more sustainable construction and robotics, among others. The Deep Tech Summit also served as a meeting place between investors and start-ups from all over, opening possibilities for collaboration and access to the market. With this aim, up to 70 short project presentations and S2F (Start-ups to Finance) meetings were held. 

The two days also served to position Barcelona as the headquarters of the benchmark Deep Tech congress in southern Europe. The event was attended by 80 speakers who debated issues such as the ethics of algorithms, quantum computing, leadership in companies in the sector and the role of universities and research centres.   

The results of the congress confirmed the good positioning of Catalonia and Barcelona in Deep Tech. The sector employs 2,340 people and has 1,300 companies with a turnover of around 161 million euros. An area with great opportunities to promote talent and technologies with a profound impact on society. 

The annual meeting forms part of the Barcelona Deep Tech Node, promoted by Barcelona City Council through Barcelona Activa and in collaboration with five Catalan universities. The initiative facilitates access to the market for Catalan technological and scientific start-ups, which this year have attracted a volume of investment of up to 183 million euros