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Sant Andreu Activa

Municipal facility with resources of Barcelona Activa for guidance and job search, located in Sant Andreu.

It is a space for economic promotion and employment aimed at the population of the Sant Andreu district.

The facility has an Information point for Orientation and the search of Employment and another for the defense of Labour Rights. It also offers Barcelona Treball's information sessions and training for employment and orientation for a professional change. In addition, there is a space with computers for self-use and personalized accompaniment for the job search, by appointment.

In addition, the centre has an attention point for the Singulars Programme specific for young people (Professional opportunities in municipal markets and local trade, with the help of Mercabarna and Fundació Intermedia) and the Accompanied guidance service, which can be supplemented with psychological support.

Furthermore, there is a Point of Attention to Economic Activity, for those who have a business idea or want advice for their company.

Finally, networking dynamics are promoted with local entities to offer the Sant Andreu Activa facilities for various activities.


Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Carrer de la Residència, 13-15, 08030 BARCELONA