We promote the social and solidarity economy as a mechanism for a sustainable development 

At Barcelona Activa, we encourage and strengthen entrepreneurial initiatives, organisations and companies that adhere to the principles of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) in the city, from the perspective of socio-economic innovation.

We help to promote and consolidate cooperative, community-based, and transformational projects by providing support and training to achieve sustainable local development.  Our aim is to raise awareness of the SSE, helping to implement it, and ensuring that the projects we promote have an impact on the economy as a whole. InnoBA is the reference facility for ESS organizations.


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Social and Solidarity Economy Advisory Service

The Social and Solidarity Economy Advisory Service is specifically intended for socio-business initiatives, whether already up and running or in the project phase, that form part of the social and solidarity economy and are committed to sustainable development.

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InnoBAdora+ is the Incubation Community for socio-economic initiatives with transformative will and practices and values of the Social and Solidarity Economy, which seek to consolidate and develop in a collaborative environment. Its hosting aspect is located at InnoBA Ca n'Andalet, in the Horta-Guinardó district, and it also offers different levels of membership and services, some of them virtual.


Training and skills

We offer free training activities (courses, workshops, seminars) aimed at entrepreneurs who want to promote a social and solidarity economy project, and also at organisations, companies and work cooperatives that want to improve and/or consolidate their management. 

Training for entities and companies Training for entrepreneurs Online training

Aids and funding

We offer grants to initiatives and projects that promote social development and the collaborative economy through our annual calls for proposals. We also collaborate with ethical and cooperative banking institutions to improve credit access and financing for social entrepreneurship projects and contribute to the consolidation and financial stability of existing social and solidarity economy entities.

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Activities to bring the ESS closer to the city

Every week, we invite you to visit InnoBA, reference centre from Barcelona Activa on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Socio-economic Innovation in the city. You will find inspirational sessions, activities on strategic sectors and internal organization, and current events and ESS trends, among others.

InnoBA Activity Program


  • Reimaginem Through Reimaginem we help to transform and promote the resilience of companies and entities with practices and values of the Social and Solidary Economy or that are in the process of adding them to the organisation, and want to have a positive environmental, social, and governance impact.
  • Programme for care organizations Advice for organizations that provide care services from the Social and Solidarity Economy, especially those dedicated to the care of dependent people, home care services and personal assistance.
  • Construïm en femení Construïm en Femení is a training and support program for Social and Solidarity Economy entrepreneurial projects aimed at women. Construïm en feminí seeks to highlight the cooperative, social and solidarity entrepreneurship initiatives promoted by women, as well as to support them by offering a training programme with a gender perspective that can serve as a common point of reference for cooperative, social and solidarity entrepreneurs.
  • RevESStim el tèxtil This programme offers advice and training for initiatives in the textile sector. It also offers a map of training resources and spaces for meeting and exchanging good practices such as the Col·laboratori or the 'RevESStim el tèxtil' conferences.
  • Camí de la solidesa Support and enhancement programme for Social and Solidarity Economy organisations managed and led by women or seeking to train female employees in positions of responsibility.
  • #transformESS Program to promote the Social and Solidarity Economy and cooperativism among young people, both in the different educational stages of formal and non-formal education.


  • Coagenda The Coagenda embraces all the activities, services and news about Socioeconomic Innovation and the Social and Solidarity Economy. Search activities or publish the news or events you want to spread.
  • Online directory The Online Directory is a tool for finding companies and social economy entities and promoting social public procurement within the framework of the application of the Barcelona City Council’s sustainable contracting decree.
  • Digital compass The Compass of Socio-Economic Innovation is a compendium of information and teaching resources aimed at people and groups who want to get into and/or delve into other economies and social entrepreneurship.
  • Slideshare channel If you want to read plans and documents of interest that have been carried out from the direction of Socioeconomic Innovation, visit our Slideshare channel.
  • Social Clauses Service The aim of the Social Clauses Service is to promote the Social Clauses relating to the hiring of unemployed people with special difficulties of labour insertion or social exclusion and to subcontracting with social economy companies, as well as the Social Reserve.

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