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null Two new guides to foster the labour insertion of transgender people

Presentation of the two guides for the integration of transgender people into the labour market

Two new guides to foster the labour insertion of transgender people

Barcelona Activa is undertaking an initiative to combat precariousness and uncertainty in the labour market for transgender people

Barcelona, 08 Nov 2021

The Employment and Trans People Working Group of the Network of LGBTI Municipalities of Catalonia has developed two guides to deal with the difficulties of the collective in the labour market. Barcelona Activa is part of the group that promotes these resources, made up of professionals from different fields linked to employment and gender equality. Also participating are representatives of municipalities such as Barcelona, the Consells Comarcals (District Councils), the Provincial Council of Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The first guide is aimed at employment services staff, to improve attention to the specific needs of some transgender people when accessing the labour market. The aim is to raise awareness of the difficulty of accessing the labour market and provide them with the necessary tools to improve their employability. 

The second guide aims to break down the obstacles of this collective and support the processes of gender transition through different protocols. It will be carried out by making resources available to companies and administrations. In this way, we will try to avoid situations where working people in a situation of gender transition are inclined to drop out from work and job stability is favoured.

If you want to know more about the guides, click here.