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null New call for the awards for organisation and time use

Poster of the Barcelona Award for Innovative Company in Organisation and Use of Time

New call for the awards for organisation and time use

Candidacies for the awards organised by Barcelona City Council can be submitted until 2nd November

Barcelona, 30 Sep 2021

Barcelona City Council is launching a new edition of the Barcelona Award for the Innovative Company in Organisation and Time Use, with the collaboration of Barcelona Activa. The call aims to make visible projects with innovative policies in the management of working people and that improve the balance between personal and professional life.

The initiative is within the framework of the Time Pact, an agreement that seeks the commitment of municipalities and social and economic organisations for a more rational, efficient and respectful distribution of days for people. In addition, four different categories of awards are organised according to the number of employees in the companies: micro, small, medium and large.

With the aim of promoting more sustainable time management models, Barcelona Activa also participates in the organisation of the Time Use Week 2021. The event focuses on the exchange of experiences on time policies and will address issues such as the impact of the Covid-19 on time habits and the updating of the working day.

Applications can be submitted by filling in a form until 2nd November. You can consult all the information to register at this link.