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null Barcelona will invest 672 million Euros in boosting the medium and long term reactivation of the city

Barcelona Green Deal

Barcelona will invest 672 million Euros in boosting the medium and long term reactivation of the city

The 'Barcelona Green Deal' strategy represents a major economic investment, between 2020 and 2023, to create a competitive, equitable and sustainable city

Barcelona, 05 May 2021

Barcelona City Council is promoting the 'Barcelona Green Deal' to consolidate the city as a digital capital and turn it into a benchmark for the green and blue economy, sport tech and the creative industry. It is a strategy in which 672 million Euros will be invested over a period of three years, to reactivate and develop an inclusive economy that responds to the current and future challenges of the city.

The economic reactivation of the city will be carried out through 66 specific actions and will prioritise the promotion of the seven strategic sectors identified: digital, the creative industry, the local economy, the visitor economy, industry 4.0, the field of health and bio, and the green and circular economy.

'Barcelona Green Deal' follows a road map consisting of 10 goals: 

1. To be a digital and technological capital of Europe: the IT sector represents 5.5% of the city’s jobs.  To promote it, digital professional training actions are already being carried out through the IT Academy and Reskilling Activa, as well as the development of business digitalisation plans. 
2. To be a benchmark hub for national and international talent: with the aim of attracting and retaining talent, policies will be activated that generate and promote a talent life cycle.

3. To protect the stability and security of the local economy: some of the measures that are being activated are the strategy of purchasing ground-floor premises, which will be accessible to those who want to set up a business. 

4. To transform the model of tourism towards value and sustainability: this goal involves the responsible management of the various flows of visitors that the city has.

5. To expand Barcelona's presence internationally: globalising Barcelona and expanding its values internationally through the promotion of the Barcelona brand and economic promotion.

6. To be the leading city in entrepreneurship and innovation: with the Barcelona Fàcil Plan, a reduction in procedures and barriers to economic activity will be achieved so that entrepreneurs can carry out their business idea. In addition, the creation of new hubs will be promoted to foster the growth of start-ups, especially those linked to strategic sectors. 

7. To guarantee quality employment: ensuring decent living conditions for all by promoting quality, equitable and accessible jobs. Aid for hiring or advice and assessment for job search, are some of the actions that are already being carried out. 

8. To grow and strengthen the fabric of SSE companies and initiatives: defining a Social and Solidarity Economy that provides economic democracy, inclusion, equity and sustainability in the city.

9. To foster the circular economy and ecological transition: proposing alternatives to prevent the climate emergency from generating new inequalities with strategic actions and agreements for a sustainable economy. 

10. To be the benchmark city for new poles of economic activity: promoting industrial estates, the creation of clusters of the blue economy and creative industries, and the inclusion of strategies to re-boost the economy of the city centre.

If you want more information about the 'Barcelona Green Deal', you can consult the full document at this link