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Advice service for / Social and Solidarity Economy

Barcelona Activa launches a Social and Solidarity Economy Advice service * for entrepreneurs and companies


If you have an idea of a project or you are already an organization with a positive social impact that places the needs of the people at the center and works with participatory values, this is your service.

1. Request an appointment or come to an information session and tell us!

2. Get together with a technical person specialized in ESS, with experience in the field and jointly create a plan for training and accompaniment

3. Set up periodic sessions to track your evolution

*** If you are starting or ideating a project Ask for an appointment with this link and come to a first informative session in the Centre per a la Iniciativa Emprenedora a Glories Carrer de la Llacuna, 162, 08018 Barcelona - 901 55 11 55

*** If you are an organisation since more than one year Ask for an appointment with this link and come to the Oficina d'Atenciˇ a l'Empresa. OAE - Carrer de Roc Boronat, 117, 08018 Barcelona - 933 20 96 00

We offer you a specialized and personalized advice service to accompany you in the creation, constitution and strengthening of your Social Economy and Solidarity projects and organizations.

- Do you want to set up a cooperative, association or company of social economy?
- You have an idea of a business with a social impact. Is it viable?
- Are you an entity already in operation, how do we improve your strategy?
- Have you been developing an activity informally for some time and want to formalize it?
- Do you need tools to manage conflicts in your organization?

If what you really need is more information about Social and Solidarity Economy and the services that Barcelona Activa provides, come to the Reception and Guidance Point or send us an email (

Take a look to the vÝdeo where we explain what it is here

  • Assessorament ECSS


(*) Economia Social i SolidÓria. Engloba totes aquelles prÓctiques econ˛miques transformadores que tenen com a tret caracterÝstic una altra manera de fer economia, tot prioritzant la satisfacciˇ de les necessitats de les persones. Aquestes iniciatives tambÚ incorporen la perspectiva de gŔnere i la cura del seu impacte en l'entorn. A mÚs,  tenen un alt compromÝs amb la comunitat i aposten per una gestiˇ democrÓtica i participativa

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