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Activity Lines/Development of proximity

Proximity-based Local Development

Barcelona Activa works on guaranteeing a Proximity-based Local Development. This signifies promoting an economic activity close to, and rooted in, the Districts and Neighbourhoods of the city that has an economic, social and/or environmental impact, which is led by the citizenship, stakeholders or actors involved in the territory, and which contributes to the territorial re-balancing.    

We aim to achieve these goals by means of boosting actions of promotion of the plural economy, helping in this way to make the services of Barcelona Activa closer and more adaptable to the citizenship, promoting the interweaving of Barcelona Activa in the structures of governance of the territories, and promoting the coordination and alignment of the stakeholders, agents and services that operate in the territories.      

To achieve this, Barcelona Activa counts on specific instruments: 

1. District Development Plans (PDE):  roadmap that describes the socio-economic development strategy of a district for the next five years. 

2. Neighbourhoods Plan: Emergency plan for reverting the inequalities in the 16 neighbourhoods which are most affected by social problems and urban planning lacks. 

3. Work in the Neighbourhoods: Programme from the Catalonia Employment Service for boosting the territories. 

4. Portfolio of Services of Barcelona Activa: for communicating, adapting or creating services/programmes in the territories. 

5. Other supra-territorial projects for the socio-economic promotion of the territories. 

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