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Activity Line/Socio-economic innovation

Promotion and strengthening of economic initiatives in the field of the Social and Solidarity Economy

From Barcelona Activa we foster and strengthen economic initiatives in the field of the Social and Solidarity Economy (cooperatives, third sector, associations, collaborative commons economy, community economies, etc.) of the city, affecting a paradigm shift with regard to the prevailing economic model.  Our aim is to spread other economic models and to carry out awareness-building with the citizenship, the companies and the entities so as to contribute to the generation of changes in the practices of production, distribution, consumption and savings from a socio-economic innovation perspective.     

We are doing so by means of different lines:   

1. Coaching and Training: Offer of different training, coaching and advisory programmes, activities and actions for the field of the Social and Solidarity Economy. We have tailor-made programmes for fostering social and collective entrepreneurship and of strengthening companies from this field (management, strategic planning, financial viability, etc.). We also provide stable training in Alternative Economies for interested initiatives and people.       

2. Territory and Community Action: Diagnosis, fostering and strengthening Social and Solidarity Economy initiatives in the neighbourhoods and districts.    

3. Socially Responsible Public Procurement: Fostering socially and environmentally responsible public procurement.  We also boost the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies. 
5. Actions for boosting and accompanying Commons Collaborative Economy and Community Economies in Barcelona.   

6. Vulnerable collectives: Promoting socio-economic cooperative projects as a model of intervention aimed at collectives in situations of social and labour vulnerability (Pilot projects: Alencop and Diomcoop).   

Furthermore, you can find us in the facility of innoBA, in Can Jaumandreu, a benchmarking municipal centre for Socio-economic Innovation in the city, where we will be able to carry out a large part of our activity and host activities organised by entities from the Social and Solidarity Economy.

How to get there

  • innoBA, the Center for Socio-economic Innovation of Barcelona Activa. : Can Jaumandreu, Per˙, 52. 08018 Barcelona. Tel. 93 320 34 04.