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Barcelona Activa's vision consists of making Barcelona an international benchmark city for working, starting up and living with environmental and social values.

Thus, its mission consists of contributing to improving people's quality of life, promoting the economic competitiveness of the city and the rebalancing of the territories through the promotion of quality employment, boosting entrepreneurship and the support to a plural, diverse and sustainable business fabric from a social, economic and environmental perspective.

The activity of Barcelona Activa is carried out, based on the following values:
- Equal opportunities and social progress. To promote the development of a fair model of creation, maintenance and distribution of employment, which empowers the citizens, incorporating the gender perspective and diversity in all the organisational fields and in a cross-cutting way, fostering the rebalancing between territories.

- Cooperation, both within the organization and with others. To internally and externally boost the cooperation and professionalism of the workers through on-going improvement, advancing towards excellence of their skills and the development of their talent, by fostering teamwork which is collaborative, cross-cutting and participatory, that favours labour welfare and citizenship

- Social and sustainable economy at the service of citizens. Enhancing a model of Social and Solidarity Economy, in which the plurality of social sectors, collective entrepreneurship and social innovation, generate a fairer model of economic development present throughout the territory.

- A public service spirit and personal and professional ethics. Boosting public services that advance towards a greater coordination of the public-private-community ecosystem, in which good practices, transparency, professional and personal ethics and public virtue, for the practical defining of certain values, to be the bases that consolidate good governance and orientation towards the citizenship

Barcelona Activa, in accordance with its company culture, takes on the following quality commitments:

1. Focused on people: To place users at the centre, valuing and respecting their needs. To improve and adapt communication to different audiences, simplifying service processes and reducing paperwork and waiting times.

2. Social responsibility: To ensure all actions and projects of Barcelona Activa respect and promote the corporate social responsibility policy, both internally and externally.

3. Digitalization: To promote the digitalization of the company by reviewing the current organizational processes with the aim of improving efficiency and progressively eliminating  the use of paper.

4. Data reliability: To ensure a rigorous registration of the necessary data, which allows its analysis in a reliable way for the improvement of the services.

5. Applied innovation: to encourage open and critical thinking, of analysis of the environment to find out about everything that is externally ( methodologies, projects, initiatives, etc.)  which could be used to improve the organization, the action and the public policies.

6.Engagement and commitment: To promote respect, tolerance, teamwork and the well-being of all the workers.