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Organization distribution and human resources

In this section, we will present the Barcelona Activa organizational chart, explaining what human resources are available to you and the salary retribution of the different professional categories.

  • Organizational chart. Barcelona Activa's current organizational chart

  • Política de Qualitat. Missió, valors i línies estratègiques d'actuació de Barcelona Activa

  • Management team¿s salary remuneration. nformation on the gross annual wages compared 2016/2015

  • Salary remuneration. List of jobs. List of jobs by professional category

  • Ralació de llocs de treball. Relació de llocs de treball per categoria professional

  • Training plan. This Training Plan was developed based on the evaluation of the training needs of the different executive, operational and corporate departments of Barcelona Activa

  • Harassment policy. Protocol for the prevention and tackling of harassment in cases that affect dignity and discrimination at work

  • Minimum wage judgement. Judgement on fixing a minimum city wage and its application to all municipal workers

  • Annual accounts 2019. Presentation of the annual accounts corresponding to the year 2019

  • Achieving the ISO 9001-2015 Certificate. Certificate for the fulfilment of the requirements of the ISO 9001-2015 standard

  • Regulations for the use of the facilities. Rules for the use of the Barcelona Activa facilities

  • Advisory Service on Social Clauses. Public procurement as an economic policy tool with social return