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30 years of Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa: an institution that forms part of the soul of the city

30 years ago, Barcelona City Council created Barcelona Activa, a pioneering agency whose aim was to boost entrepreneurial activity and foster employment in the city.

After three decades, the municipal economic agency of the city has accompanied more than 600,000 people to fulfil their professional goals, has created 22,300 companies ' with an average of 3 companies per day-, it has boosted and hosted 1,021 business projects in the network of incubators and in the Technology Park, it has set in motion the School for Professional, Managerial and Entrepreneurial Women so as to boost the presence of women in the business world contributing to breaking the glass ceiling, and has designed a specific offer for entrepreneurs and entities from the world of the Social and Solidarity Economy.



To commemorate the 30 years of Barcelona Activa, different events and activities were carried out, among which it is worth highlighting the cycle of talks, Reflections for a new local economic policy, to dialogue about the social transformations that have impacted on the economy and citizenship of Barcelona.  The person charged with inaugurating the cycle was Guy Standing, creator of the concept of the new social class of the precariat and defender of the need for a guaranteed universal basic income.  Mark Weisbrot also participated, to reflect on the economic crisis and the failure of the experts, and Loretta Napoleoni talked about the economy of terror and the financing of terrorism, with the cycle being closed by the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler, debating about the automated society.  Furthermore, to bring the anniversary to a end, a closing event was held in the Auditori de Barcelona with the workers of Barcelona Activa and the collaborating entities, so as to make a balance and highlight the task done, and to outline the future challenges.        

With a network of 11 facilities and more than 50 points of proximity spread around the city, today Barcelona Activa contributes, above all, to improving the economic activity carried out, the equal opportunities and the social progress in the different neighbourhoods of Barcelona.