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Activity lines/Entrepreneurship

Support in the creation of quality and future-oriented businesses.

More and more people come to Barcelona Activa with business ideas to get responses to their needs.  Entrepreneurship is a social good, an intangible that is an engine for activity, innovation, and employment.  For this reason it is necessary to stimulate entrepreneurship and facilitate the tools that allow the business ideas to be transformed into real businesses with a sense of future. 

Barcelona Activa coaches more than 1,000 business projects each year and provides the entrepreneurs with a wide range of services and products to turn their business ideas into reality. 

At the Entrepreneurship Centre we coach entrepreneurs by means of a blended model methodology that mixes onsite and online support, complemented by a large offer of training activities.  Between 50 and 60% of the business projects coached by Barcelona Activa become a company by the end of the first year, creating an average of 2.4 jobs. 

To access these services you just have to call 901 55 11 55 or go directly to the Entrepreneurship Centre, the facility of reference in terms of support for entrepreneurs who can receive expert advice, interactive multimedia, and online knowledge and contents activities to become entrepreneurs in suitable conditions.

How to get there

  • Entrepreneurship Centre: Llacuna, 162-164. 08018 Barcelona. Tel. 901 55 11.